It's true that natural gas is a clean-burning fuel - so clean, as a matter of fact, that it is tasteless, clear and odorless. That's why we add a sulfur- like odor to natural gas - so you'll smell it when there is a gas leak in your home.

What does natural gas smell like? Just check your Comfort Systems bill periodically- we've included a "scratch n' sniff" insert so you can smell for yourself. It has it's own distinctive odor so you'll know it when you smell it. So check your bill, take a whiff, and if you ever smell a strong natural gas odor, call us right away. It smells bad for a good reason.

Natural gas is very safe when natural gas equipment is properly used and maintained. However, if you smell gas, please remember these safety tips:

1. If the odor is faint, check all pilots on your gas-fueled appliances to see if they are lit. If not, relight them following the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to open doors and windows before relighting to dissipate any accumulated gas. If you cannot find the source of the odor, call us immediately.

2. If a strong odor of gas is present, please leave the building and call us from a neighbor's house or a pay phone. Do not light a match, use a phone, or flip any electrical switches on or off. Do not start a car. To be safe, don't do anything that could create a spark or ignite a flame.

3. Also, do not relight any gas equipment until all accumulated gas has dissipated.

Call to report a suspected gas leak.

ComfortSystems Duluth 218-730-4100



Natural Gas Safety Tips:
Smells Bad, Right? That's Good.

Did you know?
      90% of all natural gas consumed in North America...
                       is produced in North America

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