Since the city established a municipal utility in Duluth in 1898, the infrastructure to serve customers has grown from 29.6 miles of gas mains to over 480 miles today. Paralleling the growth and improvement of the utility infrastructure, the Public Works and Utilities Department has expanded its customer service outreach. It offers a host of consumer services, including:
     - Natural gas safety checks
     - Appliance repair
     - The Comfort Policy heating system warranty
     - Budget Billing
     - Easy Pay
     - Three energy conservation programs:
           o Home Energy Conservation check-ups,
           o Home Energy Conservations Loans,
           o Commercial and Industrial conservation grants,
     - Service application processing
     - Billing and collection services

The Public Works and Utilities department is divided into five working divisions.

In 2000, the brand name, “ComfortSystems,” was chosen to increase public awareness of safety messages, utility services, energy conservation, consumer recognition of the value of natural gas, and the customer services the Department provides.

Welcome to ComfortSystems:

Dedicated to serving the people of Duluth, the team at ComfortSystems strives to ensure that your home is warm, cozy and safe for you and your family.